September 2020 Opening

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are very excited to welcome your child in September.  With the removal of “bubbles”  for Early Years as of 20 July we are able to open for all our children and once again open for our full hours.  We have been working hard to ensure that the Pre-School is a safe, happy and welcoming environment for the children and our staff.  We have completed pre-opening checklists and updated our risk assessments.  Our updated Covid-19 policy can be found on our website.  Many of the changes we put in place to safely re-open after lockdown on 8 June will still be in place.  We have been open for a small number of children since then and are pleased to say that everything has worked well and most importantly the children have had a great time in the setting.

Session times:

We are now able to open our normal session times, these are:

Morning 08:45 -11:45

Afternoon 12:30 – 3:30

We are aware that Rackham Primary School has introduced staggered start & finishing times and that some children will be finishing at 3:30 the same time as Pre-School.  If you have an older child that needs collecting from Rackham at this time, please contact us.

Access and collection will be via the front door on Main Street.  Please line up to the left of the front door as you look at Pre-School.  While waiting to drop off/collect please remember to adhere to the 2m social distancing guidelines.   To reduce the amount of people around Pre-School and Rackham Primary school we ask that only one adult drops off and collects.

Visitors & Parents in setting:

Unfortunately we are unable to allow Parents in the setting at this time, unless you need to collect your child for medical reasons.  We will not be having any visitors into the setting unless their visit is essential and unavoidable.

We also need to remind you that at this time, your child will not be able to bring any toys or comforters into the setting.  We have a large supply of resources which will be available to the children.

We aim to spend as much time as possible in the garden area, could you please ensure that your child has a suitable coat.

Childminders and other settings:

While guidelines recommend that only one setting is used we are aware of the need for some parents to use Child Minders and/or other settings.  Please confirm if your child will be using another form of child care so that we can liaise with them and confirm that they have sufficient risk assessments in place.

We are constantly reviewing the situation and will keep you informed of any changes.  Please be assured that while some of the changes may cause inconvenience they are being made with the safety and wellbeing of our children, families and staff at the heart of all decisions.

Best wishes

Carole & the team