Dear Parents/Carers

Pre-School Closure w/c Monday 7 March 2022

Due to Covid related staff absences, the Pre-School and Committee officers have had to make the very difficult decision to close Pre-School this week.

Early years settings must adhere to strict adult to child ratios and we cannot meet these ratios this week even with a restricted number of children.

We have been working the figures and risk assessing this morning and unfortunately the only solution is to close during this time.

We would like to make you aware that if any families need urgent childcare to enable them to work they can contact Cambridgeshire County Councils family information service helpline on 0345 045 1360 and they will try to support them.

We have asked the team to keep in touch with their children via Tapestry and we would love to hear what the children have been up to without us.

We have three members of staff currently positive.  Please look out for the main symptoms of Covid (cough, temperature, change to taste and smell) and test if necessary.  However, we are aware that many children are asymptomatic and test positive.  If you are visiting crowded places or vulnerable people, think about testing before you go.

For queries about funding please email Tracey witchfordrackhamps@gmail.com  Please bear in mind that we are working from home where we can, but may not respond as quickly as normal.

Please look out for updates via email, Tapestry and Facebook.
We hope to re-open as normal next Monday 14 March.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this time, we do appreciate that it causes disruption, but this action has been taken as a last resort.